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A key focus area of development for I Learn to Live – Ngifundela Ukuphila’s, has been addressing the challenges faced by children in rural areas learning English. We have partnered with the Neema Foundation to address this issue.

The Gateway into Reading programme is a syllabus that teaches foundational reading, developing basic skills in word recognition and deciphering. The material includes a learner manual and teacher materials for classroom implementation. We oversee teacher training, assessment of children, and support of teachers during this programme.



Every year, matric learners begin the process of deciding what direction to take, once they leave school. Applying for a place at a college or university is an important step for many learners, and must be done through the Central Application Office online portal.

We travel to 6 schools to assist learners in this process, from creating email accounts to filling in the correct information. This way, the learner is in control of the process, rather than a community member who retains the information, and can charge for its release to the learner.

Central Application Office programme
Homework club programme



To complete homework assignments, children require access to the internet and a computer. Neither of which most, if not all, children have access to at home. Our centre serves as safe place to research, write up, and print assignments for school.


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