Mandela Day – 18 July 2022

Compiled by Vusi N. Mjadu

Mandela Day Call to Action

Every 18th of July, South Africans are called to make a difference in their communities, in honour of former South African president, Nelson Mandela. Izulu Orphan Projects and I Learn to Live – Ngifundela Ukuphila, did just that by hosting Mandela Day in Ndlangubo. The two organisations urged the community members who wanted to be part of the celebration to lend a helping hand to a vulnerable family.

Each year, on Mandela’s birthday, 67 minutes are dedicated to helping others through acts of service. The 67 minutes marks the 67 years Mandela spent as a public servant, fighting for human rights and the abolition of apartheid. This is exactly what Izulu orphan Projects and I Learn to Live did on Monday 18th July. The team mixed a beautiful blue colour with paints donated, and volunteered their time to paint the house, inside and out. The family now boasts a unique blue paint job! They  also offered the family clothing items.

Mphume Shange painting up a storm for Mandela Day

Want to get involved?

  • Plant and grow fresh, organic and cost-effective produce for vulnerable communities.
  • Plant and grow indigenous trees for the wellbeing of all, with an emphasis on fruit trees in support of food production for vulnerable communities.
  • Embrace home and community planting and growing or planting a garden or trees where the whole neighbourhood can enjoy it.
  • Pack meals for an Orphanage.
  • Support a local bakery by buying their baked goods and donating them to disadvantaged children.
  • As an office, make sandwiches to give to the children around your place of work, and offer to sit and eat with them.
  • Offer to read stories to children at an orphanage.
  • Clean up a city park.
  • Offer to fix things at a local school or organisation (paint, repair broken windows, etc).
  • Donate educational material.
  • Donate books and magazines.
  • Offer to attend a school class and talk to students about your career.
  • Knit a blanket for someone in need.
  • Blog about a non-profit organisation that needs help.
  • Offer your skills (finance, marketing, customer service, etc) to help the organisation run more efficiently.

No matter how small the action, Mandela Day is about changing the world for the better, just as Nelson Mandela did every day.

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