Somewhere, out there, in the rural regions of South Africa, lies unbelievable potential. Our job is to encourage and develop it, by providing these forgotten children, with resources, and above all: the belief that they can do it!


I Learn to Live – Ngifundela Ukuphila is a non-profit organisation focused on providing education opportunities to school children and youth in rural Zululand. We believe that rural children and youth should be given an opportunity to create a meaningful life, in which they contribute towards their community, and society at large.

We believe that the brain that holds the problem, most often holds the solution. The answer to many rural challenges, can be answered by our youth; our role is to provide them with opportunities, skills, and most importantly, belief, to do so.

Celebrating 10 years of growth & partnership

Robotics Demo by Siyamthanda Ndlovu


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Mandela Day – 18 July 2022

Compiled by Vusi N. Mjadu Mandela Day Call to Action Every 18th of July, South...
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My life! My responsibility!

A Greenlight facilitator conducting a survey. After the unprecedented July 2021 looting and unrest that...
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Gateway into Reading

Grade 2 children participating in Gateway into Reading sessions. 78% of South African Grade 4...
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Designing for a better world

Environmental issues aren't always a priority for rural children. But this doesn't mean we can't...
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One foot forward

Registering matrics on the Central Application Office register. Every year, thousands of matriculants must register...
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Ready. Steady. Go.

There’s a video doing the rounds on the net about the starting positions in a...
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