Data for e-learning


Data for eLearning programmes.



We need data for e-learning education programmes. And lots of it! Our learning centre has no telephone lines, because people steal the cables. So we use a router. We all know that data packages for routers are really expensive. Who uses those midnight GB, anyway?

By donating data, children and youth can participate in well designed, online programmes, that promote learning and education. A whole new world opens up when you have access to the internet.


Every child should know how to use a computer, but in rural Zululand, most have never seen a computer. At the centre they learn to use a computer so that they can do other fun learning programmes, online. We’re even teaching them to code!


Many rural youth can’t afford to go to university, or college. But they can study online, with our help. We give them a safe place to study, with access to computers and data. We’re excited to see what our youth do with their lives. In 2017, six youth achieved their micro-degree in Python, and can create their own websites.



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