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I Learn to Live - Ngifundela Ukuphila


Acc #: 1002598494

Branch #: 138026

Swift code: NEDSZAJJ


Make a difference

For donations received, we will issue you with a Section 18A tax deduction certificates allowing the donor to reduce their tax payable.

This deduction applies to both individuals and corporate.

We know our children and youth are future South African change makers. And each of them needs a social capital investor, to achieve their dreams!

You can invest in the following ways:

  • Once-off: Make a once-off donation
  • Debit order: Set up a monthly debit order
  • Children: Partner with specific a child for a year, and walk the journey of growth with them
  • Data: Make a donation towards data - so that our youth can access online studies to further their education.

Your investment, great or small, is crucial to changing the lives of our children and youth, as well as our community.