COVID19 screening

When schools opened up for certain grades, we began working with two local primary schools.

We have developed an online system that takes the paper-based screening process down to 30 minutes max. It saves saves paper, which can instead be used for home schooling packs, developed for Grades 4-5 .

The system has been implemented in 2 schools, with a 3rd joining, shortly.

Early Childhood Development:

ECD packs were delivered to 32 children from the Eyezulu ECD centre, based at the Ngqamazana Community Centre. Packs contained isiZulu posters, colouring-in books and a box of crayons. As well as a face mask, sanitiser and other goodies (from South 32).

May 2020

Food delivery

Since lockdown, we have joined forced with Izulu Orphan Projects, and become involved in food relief throughout our community. With generous donations from business, churches, friends, family, anonymous donors, we've been able to help the most vulnerable, put food on the table.

March 2020

COVID19 community awareness campaign

When the news broke that schools would close earlier, due to Covid19, we knew we had to act quickly!

We did this by: visiting schools to teach children how to minimise spreading the virus. Dropping information flyers at spaza shops, taverns and other local gathering places.

We adjusted the after school feeding scheme to make social distancing possible.