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Gateway into Reading

78% of South African Grade 4 students cannot read for meaning. But what does that actually mean? It means less children staying in school and completing matric. Less children gaining access to further studies. Less youth able to apply for jobs The NEEMA Gateway into Reading program aims to ensure that every child can read,…

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Designing for a better world

Environmental issues aren’t always a priority for rural children. But this doesn’t mean we can’t change that. Through Design Squad Global, we’re teaching children to look at what’s around them. There’s so much stuff they can use to create new and innovative things. Like making a pair of shoes made of cardboard and waste plastic,…

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One foot forward

Every year, thousands of matriculants must register on the Central Application Office website. This is necessary to access a place at tertiary institutions. For most, this is a simple exercise. But for rural school children, who have no easy access to a computer and the internet. Additionally, most rural parents aren’t able to assist them.…

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Ready. Steady. Go.

There’s a video doing the rounds on the net about the starting positions in a race that speaks beautifully to the point of privilege. In general, when athletes line up for a race to test their speed, strength and stamina, they start at the same line, and launch themselves towards victory, at the blast of…

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