The picture may seem bleak: dirt roads, long-drop toilets, old mud huts alongside small modern homes, lines of ladies with buckets snaking around a water truck, crops dying in the fields. But in the midst of all this, is hope. A safe space for school kids to receive educational support, broaden their minds and horizons with innovative and fun programmes, and learn to value themselves and others.

A vibrant place for unemployed youth to learn new skills that many take for granted: computer lessons for the first time, life skills for better self-management and work readiness, English classes to improve communication for job interviews. A learning centre with computers and internet – the only access for miles around.

An opportunity for the hopeless and marginalised to learn that they can turn their lives around – if they’re willing to participate, engage, put aside apathy, uncertainty and hopelessness. And we exist to show them that they can.

I Learn to Live – Ngifundela Ukuphila is a non-profit organisation focused on providing education opportunities to school children and youth in rural Zululand. We believe that rural children and youth should be given an opportunity to create a meaningful life, in which they contribute towards their community, and society at large.

We believe that the brain that holds the problem, most often holds the solution. The answer to many rural challenges, can be answered by our youth; our role is to provide them with opportunities, skills, and most importantly, belief, to do so.

NPO: 083 351 | PBO: 930036798 | SED: 100% | BEE: 100% | Sector: Education